About Gussie

I am a pelvic health physiotherapist and stand up comedian.

elaine2.jpgI qualified as a physiotherapist in 1993 and have had a keen interest in pelvic health for over 10 years. I find myself perfectly suited to comedy and working with genitals as I've never been embarrassed.

I live in Edinburgh, but, am portable. I frequently travel to present at conferences, do after dinner speaking, and to provide training and education about pelvic floors and continence to health professionals, universities, schools and anyone who’ll listen, really.

I am a stand-up comedian primarily because I'm a ghastly attention seeker, but also because humour is a powerful tool in health promotion, particularly when applied to issues which are taboo or embarrassing.

My main hobbies are knitting (mostly rude things), drawing (mostly rude things) and trying to prevent my children from aquiring any more pets.



  • March 21, 2018
    Saturday 25th, Edinburgh, me, lube, prizes, anatomy quiz. G'wan, you know you want to. https://t.co/6oIdfHfTvr via @GussieGrips
  • March 21, 2018
    Sorting out my presentation for the first "Pelvic Floor Summit" in April. Should be a "Pelvic Floor Depth", really… https://t.co/VcC9xjykzB via @GussieGrips
  • March 21, 2018
    https://t.co/0f2Pv1fVjk via @GussieGrips