1. How do I get an appointment?

Contact us via the contact form, or, JW physiotherapy (link to buttons?)

2. How long will I wait?

Elaine aims to see every new patient within two weeks.

3. What should I wear?

Loose comfortable clothing and sensible underwear.  Elaine works from a private, quiet room with screens.

4. What should I bring? 

A list of your medication, and a sample of urine would be great.

5. Can I bring someone with me?

Of course.  

6. Do you sell pelvic floor gadgets?

We have good links with suppliers and can order you appropriate equipment at cost.

7. How quickly does physio work?

There is usually an initial improvement within 2 weeks.  Then, things often plateau, which can be discouraging, but, is common.  It takes about 16 weeks of commitment to a home programme to see big improvements. Totally worth it!

8. How many sessions will I need?

The average is usually about 8 sessions.

9. What is a “home programme”?

You will have exercises and stretches to do every day at home.  They won’t take long, usually about 10 minutes a session.  Follow @gussiegrips for reminders or sign up for an app (squeezy and pelvic floor first buttons)