Painful joints and stress incontinence are very common because of the hormone and postural changes that pregnancy brings.

Research shows that pregnant women who leak, or who become incontinent after giving birth are more likely to still have continence problems when the baby starts school. Importantly, leaking urine doubles your risk of developing postnatal depression.

Pelvic physios can help alleviate pelvic girdle pain and low back pain. We can give advice on positioning, toileting, relaxation and appropriate supports to keep you active whilst easing the pressure on your core muscles and pelvic floor.

Elaine is proud to offer the Mummy MOT. This is based on the French post-natal care, widely regarded as the best in the world. It particularly focuses on the recovery of the abdominal muscles, especially if there is a gap (Diastasis Recti), a prolapse or a pelvic floor problem to allow you to safely return to exercise after having your baby. Mummy MOT is available for women who have delivered their babies 6 weeks, 6 years or 60 years ago. Physios say “Once you’re post-natal, you’re always post-natal”!

Elaine also offers talks about pregnancy and pelvic floors, posture and recovery at the Pregnancy and Parenting Centre.