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My plan was to spend the last few months figuring out what blogging is by, you know, blogging, so that when I got up to speak at an event about blogging I didn’t look like a total eejit.

Haven’t done it.  24 hours in a day is an inadequate system.  Who do I write to get it changed?

Tomorrow I’m on a panel with National Treasures telling Mumsnet bloggers how to find their funny.

I’m very excited, Mumsnet are hugely powerful, like Tescos, only dressed in Boden and nice to farmers.

I’d really, really if they’d consider running continence as a campaign.  They are ideally placed to be able to burst the taboo, educate women that leaking is common but never normal, promote that #physioworks and sing that whilst 1:3 women leak there is an 80% cure rate and so you don’t have to put up with it.

I’m very flattered to have been asked to speak at this event.  I have no BAFTA, no book (yet), tv show, knowledge about the arts – am hoping no one notices that.  I do, however,  have a beautifully knitted vagina bag, so, if the worst comes to the worst I could always wave that about a bit.

Of course, there’s also every chance I’ll learn how to turn this blog into something pretty, user friendly and worth your valuable reading time.  I’m hoping someone clever will volunteer to sit me down, hold my hand and explain how to write posts without just clicking on the orange button in the corner.  Photos would be good, eh?  Ambitious, that’s me.

Anyhoo, here’s some links to me with mumsnet and one of me doing a bit of stand up.  I’ve since brushed my hair.

See you there?  I’ll be the one who’s carrying a limp fanny bag and looking star struck.


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