The creaking Royal Undercarriage and Me.

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So, poor Duchess Kate’s growing a spare and so is puking her wee ring up again.  I feel sorry for her, my sister-in-law had hyperemesis gravidarum and it looked like no fun at all.  (no joke, it’s really not funny)

The upside of one woman’s hormonally induced misery and the circus that is now surrounding her uterus (#bumpwatch is already a thing.  Does not feature Bill Oddie.  Or, at least, I hope so, no bird wants Bill in her bush) is that there’s huge scope for getting pelvic floors in the media.  Woop!

Because, if we talk about it then we can share experiences.  And, that allows empathy.  And, that is how taboos are broken down.  Someone Big in Medja (can’t tell you who, she’ll kill me) says that incontinence is the last taboo in Broadcasting…but, it’s changing.

So, kudos to Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour who had the velvet-voiced Dr Ruth Jones on talking about men’s pelvic floors ( as a follow-on to the article with Vicky Keates, women’s health physio about hypertonic pelvic floors (

The Daily Record featured, erm, me recently too –  “This Morning” let me talk pish on their settee too.  Check out my Serious Face as I try very, very hard to not to say “labia” on daytime tv.

Talking about it works. 

So does laughing about it.

So, here’s the two sides to my “campaign” – an article I wrote for our professional magazine, Frontline

And, a link to Mumsnet’s #Blogfest14, where I’m speaking on a panel of actual funny people about how to be funny.  Am somewhat out my depth, and have until November 8th to figure out comedy.

Please help.  Send jokes.  (even ones about HG are gratefully received)