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I wrote a thing for Evidently Cochrane about sex and the menopause.  My interest in the topic may well be fuelled by my own menopause, which I catch a glimpse of every now and then.  She waves at me from just past tomorrow.

I’ve been mulling over taboos and all the things women don’t talk about.  All the common experiences we share – I know that because the stats have told me so – but, don’t discuss because of…erm, dunno really.

I’m a woman, so I get hormonal rages, hormonal funks and the hormonal horn.  If you’re a woman, so do you.  And, that’s whether or not you were born with the right bits or had to get help to make your body match your brain.  We women all sweat, wobble, have hairy bits and bodies that do weird stuff.  It’s shouldn’t be embarrassing, because it’s just fact.

Now, I’ll admit that embarrassment isn’t something that I am “au fait” with.  If inhibition is a gene, well, I think I’m missing that one.  Careful observation of my peers has made me realise that most people don’t talk about their facial hair at the bus stop.  So, I assume that embarrassment is what largely prevents women from talking about vaginae – which denies us the opportunity to develop peer support for our inevitable, and life changing (well, maybe a wee fuzzy tache won’t change your life, but, some of the other stuff definitely does), bodily functions.

We need more information about being women.

Sex ed shouldn’t finish at the school gate with young people knowing the basics about their bodies and boundaries.   It needs to continue throughout our lives because our bodies change and so do our boundaries.

The side effect of a lack of education is ignorance.  So, forget shyness or modesty.  See your GP, get help for that troubling symptom.  Don’t put up with it.

Or else , I’ll come to your bus stop and ask loudly about how you’re getting on with your vaginal dryness*.

Here’s the link to my blog and the blogs from Evidently Cochrane’s menopause week, and to #changethechange “no sex please, we’re menopausal”

*see the brilliantly named for lovely lube available on prescription.